Underviewed, Undervalued, Underground

Our Mission

Cinema Underground is a website created by cinephiles for cinephiles in support of a project to build a world-class exhibition facility in Seoul that offers fun, distinctive cultural programming and events for film enthusiasts.

Our aim is to provide an exciting alternative to conventional movie-going by screening UNSEEN masterworks from high and low cinema in an interactive and educational context that restores the aesthetic experience of discovery, enjoyment and critical appraisal.

Cinema Underground will…

  • Fill the strong need in Korea for unique, sophisticated entertainment
  • Create a NEW cultural landmark and destination for visitors to Korea
  • Provide educational programs and a fresh context for learning about the history of world film
  • Raise the level of film art and film appreciation in Korea
  • Engage and attract various foreign communities in Korea through diverse cultural content and schedule of events
  • Act as a nexus point for film students, fans and professionals to meet and interact
  • Develop joint programs to support local businesses, community groups and government organizations

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